Sunday, January 4, 2009

Blood Rose

This painting was for a monthly challenge posed by my friends and co-artists at ArtColony international artists group. This month’s challenge required using one tube of paint only. More difficult than it might sound.
I called this Blood Rose because it felt like I was painting with blood, and it also seemed like drawing blood to do it. This was hard! I guess because we're used to black and white or sepia photos, those colors fill in our imaginations more easily. Red is a toughy. My favorite color has always been Alizarin Crimson. Maybe I'll have to rethink that. This is 6" x 8" on 300# Arches cold press.


Syahid said...

wow you have beautiful
paintings..really =)
maybe u should try n
check out my mom's on
=)she's trying to look
for artistes online to
share a couple of things =)

Diane Morgan said...

Thank you, Syahid. Your mother's work is beautiful. Thanks for telling me about it.