Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fresh off the assembly line. "55 Ford Fairlane" watercolor

I've got a couple shows of my cars coming up in a few months so need to start cranking them out. Finally finished this one this week with 2 others in the works.  Then I want to start doing some oils (I think)  I did a 6" x 8" version of this in oil earlier.  Just had to try it in watercolor.  20" x 14."    Available at

Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Super Fly" watercolor demo

Demo from a watercolor class a couple weeks ago.  Just finished it this morning so didn't get it in done in time for the "bug challenge" on My students wanted to learn how to do water drops.  I thought it would be much more fun with a fly in the mix.  How to do water drops is the number one request that I get.  Second is chrome.  "Super Fly" 10-1/2" x 13" watercolor on 300# Arches cold press.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

"Dinner at Miramonte" watercolor in progress

This was the demo from class this morning.  Normally I would have done the background in the upper left first, but my students wanted to concentrate on learning to paint a wine glass. 2-1/2 hours isn't much time. I show the photo to point out how distorted a photograph can be.  It's so important to correct the shapes, which aren't always correct in a photo. Also, to edit the composition as needed. "Dinner at Miramonte" watercolor 12" x 14" work-in-progress

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"With Wild Abandon" watercolor demo

For me this was loose and crazy.  For some it might be considered tight and detailed.  I had fun just splashing away.  Class demo.  Watercolor 12" x 13"  Available at

Sunday, August 5, 2012

El Paseo Bank art show

This is the promo card for my current solo show at El Paseo bank. They will hold an artist's reception October 10th.  I have 20 paintings on display.  Because of last week's feature article in the Desert Star I got a call this week offering me a three-month show at one of our main public libraries next season. I can show 30-40 many as the walls can hold. They get 1200-1500 patrons through a day.  They check out 214 books an hour.  They have many cultural events at the library every week and publish a monthly program booklet.  I get to be on the cover.  Lots of good promo for that to translate to sales :-)