Saturday, February 28, 2009

Palm Springs Life Magazine

I knew there was going to be a story about my artwork for the Indian Wells Arts Festival poster, but I didn't know is was going to be two full pages! I'm thrilled, to say the least. In addition the Festival ad is a full page giving me three full pages showing my work and the Arts Festival. I'm also going to be on the local NBC affiliate morning news show on Wednesday. This is soooo much fun! Palm Springs Life Magazine is on sale at newstands now. The IWAF Festival is April 3,4&5, Indian Wells, CA
You can learn more about the Festival at
You can see more of my work at

Friday, February 13, 2009

American Art Collector magazine SOLD section

American Art Collector magazine printed my story in the March 2009 issue about the painting I sold from our Artists-Collective ad placed in June, 2008. I'm having a good week!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another Indian Wells Arts Festival Billboard

I was so thrilled to find out yesterday that there is another billboard. The second one is not on the freeway but on a main thoroughfare through town. It has a gorgeous setting right across the street from the entrance to Mission Hills Resort Golf Course where the Nabisco, Dinah Shore Golf Tournament is held. The art festival producer and I were at the printer yesterday approving the press check for the Indian Wells Arts Festival poster and drove by the billboard on the way home. The poster is for sale online at and orders have been coming in already even before it's off the press. The posters are being delivered to me this afternoon for signing. It's all very exciting.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wiegardt Workshop Day Three

At top is my reference photo of Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda. I wanted to do a fun, festive painting showing all the colorful umbrellas and colorful people. I thought each person in the photo was so interesting, each with their own life story to be told. My value study above was done with the thought of using a light blue sky. I was feeling uncertain about this choice, so Eric suggested doing a smaller thumbnail study (upper right) with a different treatment for the sky. Then, choose the one you like best. After looking at both I still couldn't decide. I started painting anyhow, without determining my direction. Big mistake. The sky came out blotchy and unattractive. Eric says....if you're tired or indecisive....step away from the painting! Wait to start til you feel confident. Confidence in brush strokes shows. I was so unhappy with the piece I took it home and hosed it off in the shower. It can still be saved. I will tackle it again later when I'm certain about my color and value choices. Good lesson learned.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Indian Wells Arts Festival Billboard on I-10

The Indian Wells Arts Festival director and I "unveiled" the poster art today at the Indian Wells council meeting to the Mayor and City Council. Got to have my picture taken with the Mayor. They loved the poster (phew!) and even bought one already. Then on the way home I had to hop on the freeway and there, much to my surprise, was the billboard. What fun to see my work on Interstate 10. The colors are a bit different from the poster, so I posted the original to show how it really looks. What a fun day.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lantana Shadows

This watercolor was created for the 2nd Annual Lantana Watercolor Competition at the Hyatt Hotel in Indian Wells, CA sponsored by the Coachella Valley Watercolor Society. It was one of 6 paintings selected by the Hyatt management to hang in the lobby outside the hotel's new gourmet restaurant "Lantana." The paintings will rotate on display on a monthly basis during the year. The Hyatt lobby is beautiful and the restaurant is top drawer. I'm honored to be among the selected works. This large watercolor, image 21" x 29" frame 37" x 44" is available for $2200 on my website