Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Splash 13: Alternative Approaches

This is my watercolor that got accepted into Splash 13..."Raindrops on Roses" 22" x 29." It's currently in the Blossom show at the Naples Museum in Florida. My feeling about what is "alternative" about this is that its closeup aspect verges on the abstract. Stephen Doherty even mentioned that to me at the Blossom reception. Splash sent out the complete list of accepted paintings this afternoon. Out of 115 people ten got two pieces accepted, two got three, and one got four....Thomas Schaller. He's quite the rising star...well, already risen I'd say. My dear friend Jane Freeman is also in the book with her wonderful piece "Monday's Wash."

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cactus Flower

One more for the road.... "Cactus Flower" oil on canvas, 8" x 10" This will be the last one for a few days. I've got lots of prep work to do in the next 3 days getting all my art selected, matted, wired, more cards printed, signs made, price tags...all the many little details needed for a 3-day outdoor art show....Indian Wells Arts Festival, April 1,2,3.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Three new landscapes

"Tranquility," "Trailhead" and "The Bridge." I may be painting landscapes, but I sure haven't seen the real outdoors for awhile....chained to my easel. Trying to beef up the inventory for next weekend's Indian Wells Arts Festival. I'll have to stop painting tomorrow as I need at least 5 days for the pieces to be dry enough to touch. They're all out in the sunroom with a fan blowing on them. Oil on canvas 8" x 10"

Friday, March 25, 2011

Splash 13: Alternative Approaches

115 artists were selected to appear in Splash 13: Alternative Approaches This year’s winners were selected by Rachel Wolf and the team of judges from over 1600 beautiful watercolor entries. And.....drum roll please.....Diane Morgan and some of my friends (Jane Freeman and Tom Schaller) are on the list. The complete list is on the website at www.splashwatercolor.com
I will post the selected painting as soon as they notify me. I submitted two and don't know which one yet.

Allusions of Grandeur II

My niece had commissioned me one Christmas to paint an acorn as a companion piece for a pine cone that I had painted for my sister. I took many photos prepping for the painting. I decided to paint one of the other arrangements and may paint several more.
"Allusions of Grandeur II" oil on canvas 6" x 8"

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Evening Sun

Here's the latest landscape. As you can see I took a little license from the reference photo. It's so much fun to just play and make things up....a little vacation from the very detailed drawings of my watercolors and working so tightly from a reference photo. For this I painted the entire canvas orange first and let it set overnight. I learned in a workshop with Elin Pendleton that a quick color wash before starting an oil eliminates having those annoying white spots showing through if you've not covered the canvas with enough paint. I really wanted the orange to show through as one would want the white to show through on a watercolor. Many of the daily painters do this with their quick studies that are so effective. Also, while the paint was still wet I was able to take a toothpick and a palette knife and scrap off areas to let the orange become an edge or a flower. "Evening Sun" 8 x 10" oil on canvas.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Painting of the Day

"Strawberry Reflection" 6 x 8" oil on canvas. It's much easier to do landscapes. Much harder to tell if you make a mistake.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another Day Another Sunset

Another little 8" x 10" oil on canvas. I actually finished this one yesterday, making two for the day. Who knows what today will bring. I forgot how much fun it is to do a daily painting. You can't wait to get up and get going knowing that you will actually finish a painting that day. There are many, many daily painters now.....thanks to Duane Keiser who started it all. He even now sells little 2 x 3" pieces that he calls oddments. He's up to number 237 of those and you have to preorder sight unseen to get one. The price of those is now up to $175 each. I believe I paid $125 for mine back at number 69. You can see those at his blog. Carol Marine is another big daily painting seller. You can see her daily's on her blog. Hers sell on eBay for over $200 each. That's a pretty nice little side income, I'd say. She also does larger work and teaches many workshops. Artists are pretty busy people.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Desert Sunset

Two years ago I did a painting a day for 4 months. It was really quite energizing, though kept me from larger pieces. Those small 6 x 8" oils were some of my best sellers. I'm trying to do a few of them for the upcoming Indian Wells Arts Festival.
This one is 8" x 10" and just fell off the brushes. It was really fun to do something loose and quick. Let's see how disciplined I can be for the next 10 days.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Elevator Art

Elevator music is unobtrusive arrangements of popular songs that are designed to be played as background music. I say "elevator art" is unobtrusive art that people buy to fit in with their decor. When I look at model homes, etc. that seems to be what you see. No great masterpieces....just "decor art." I found these heavy wooden frames at a home decor store and thought I'd reuse them sans art. However, the art was permanently attached to the frames. Sooooo, I painted over the art with a gold metallic paint creating a basket weave pattern and then added the white flowers.
Sometimes elevator art is just the ticket to enhance a certain space rather than a "masterpiece" :-}

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Golden Sunset

Fresh off the easel. I started this last year, but quit before I finished the mountains. I wasn't sure what to do with them. Still wasn't sure, but did them today anyhow. It's oil on gallery-wrap canvas 30" x 36" $1990 free shipping.

Art Auction for Japan Relief

I am joining my artist friends who are auctioning their paintings, with all proceeds to go to the Japanese Red Cross. You may see the work of other painters who are participating by going to Art Auctions for Japanese Disaster Relief. Thanks to Iain Stewart for getting
this started

To place a bid, email me at dianem1111@aol.com -- please put Japan Art Auction in the subject line.

Bidding starts at $75. I will post bids as I receive them.

Bidding will close at 8 pm PDT on Wednesday, March 30 and the winner will be notified by email as soon as possible. Shipping included in the price.
At the close of auction I will place the painting with the winning bid price on my website www.dianemorganpaints.com and the winner can simply pay with Paypal.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunset Serenade

It was so much fun to just whip something off in less than a day after working on the zinnia for weeks and weeks. This is a repeat of the image that was used on the Desert Symphony program cover for this season. The original was 6 x 8" and had sold before I even entered the contest. I decided to try it again in 16 x 20" size with a little more subdued coloring. This is the view from my patio. Desert sunsets, cactus and hummingbirds seem to be selling well this year here. I'm building up my inventory for the Indian Wells Arts Festival coming up April 1,2,3.

Friday, March 11, 2011

"Just Glorious " oil on canvas

Finally finished this big one, 48" x 60" Started it way back in September. 60 hours total. Still a few little areas to tweak, but basically done. The WIP pic gives you an idea of scale. I'll try to get a shot with me and the finished piece later.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Coachella Valley Watercolor Society 22nd Annual Show

This past weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday was our big annual watercolor show. We moved to a new location and were nervous about people finding us. We rented a ballroom at the clubhouse of a beautiful golf course. Our worries were unfounded. We had so many attendees that we actually ran out of "people's choice" ballots the first day and had to print more. Gerald Brommer was the judge of awards. What a nice man! The photo showing him judging only shows about a third of the paintings in the show. There were about 700 watercolors on sale. I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of the winners. We did around $20,000 in sales. (I sold two :-) Our raffle sales brought in about $1500. We also sell cookbooks and are almost out of them. A percentage of the proceeds of our sales goes to help under-served children's art programs in the area. We select about 10 needy programs and give them grants every Spring. In addition to this show I also exhibited at an outdoor Wildflower and Art Festival on Saturday. Was quite a weekend. I'm still recovering.