Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bridal Registry

Got an interesting email this morning. A gal had put my "Cream Puff" painting on her bridal registry at It's a website where you can list things you want from any store anywhere. Much better than being restricted to registering at one store. People can easily shop online. You can also use it for birthdays and graduations......any occasion you want. What a great idea to register for art! She wrote to say she was sorry to see "her" painting had sold. Guess I'll have to paint more cream puffs. I know that the buyer didn't buy it for the bride-to-be because the lady bought three and came back the next day to say how happy she was to have them in her kitchen.


Sheila said...

What a great idea!!! A lucky bride with great taste and smarts to ask for your painting.

Diane Morgan said...

Isn't that cool!?! Everyone should put art on their bridal registry...and birthday and anniversary and graduation....etc! The gift of art is so much better than a silly mixer or bath towel!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Now there's a good wedding gift!