Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Desert Symphony Program Cover Winner

My "California Sunset" was selected as the winner of the Program cover competition.
YAY! Besides the cover I get a free full-page ad in the program worth $3000. Luckily, I spent the whole weekend putting the ad together because they gave me 5 hours notice til it was due. I never was able to convert the PageMaker doc to a pdf as they required so had to recreate the whole ad in Photoshop. So I learned a new skill. Now I know how to combine multiple photos in one jpeg. Noone uses PageMaker anymore. One of these days I'm going to have to upgrade to InDesign. In addition to all this wonderful program stuff there is also the month-long gallery showing. I'm so honored and thrilled. This is the 7.5 x 10" ad.


Michelle Smith said...

Congratulations! What an honor you have received! Nice job on the ad, too.

Sandra said...

A well deserved award. The ad is very impressive.

Diane Morgan said...

Thanks Michelle and Sandra.
Michelle, I love your profile pic.