Sunday, February 19, 2012

Watercolor Class demo....plumeria

Taught 4 classes this week.  Thursday evening, Friday morning and afternoon, and Saturday morning.  First day was the red apples, second plumeria and Saturday was pears.  It is so gratifying when a student has a breakthrough.  One gal was just laughing and giggling as she was able to do something she had never done before.  I love teaching.  Never thought I would.  I had to laugh.  Everyone asked...How do I paint white?  They couldn't imagine how they were going to do it without white paint. They were amazed to learn how many colors there really are in something that looks only white that they hadn't seen.    I mentioned on Facebook that Tom Lynch stopped by my class.  I said that he smiled when I asked if he wanted to take the class.  He was smiling, but actually it was more like he laughed :-} He was there checking out the space for a future class of his. What a thrill for my students to get to meet him.


Studio at the Farm said...

What an eye-catching plumeria!

Diane Morgan said...

Oh, thanks! Hope it looks good when I finally finish it :-}