Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lantana Shadows

This watercolor was created for the 2nd Annual Lantana Watercolor Competition at the Hyatt Hotel in Indian Wells, CA sponsored by the Coachella Valley Watercolor Society. It was one of 6 paintings selected by the Hyatt management to hang in the lobby outside the hotel's new gourmet restaurant "Lantana." The paintings will rotate on display on a monthly basis during the year. The Hyatt lobby is beautiful and the restaurant is top drawer. I'm honored to be among the selected works. This large watercolor, image 21" x 29" frame 37" x 44" is available for $2200 on my website http://dianemorganpaints.com/


Edward Burton said...

Hi Diane, BEAUTIFUL painting! I hope things went in your favor. I am giving you an Art Blog Award. Just cut and paste from mine. You really deserve it. If you choose to, list 7 things you love and then list 7 fellow bloggers. Then notify the 7 that they have received awards.

Diane Morgan said...

Thanks Ed. I was selected as one of 6 to rotate on display throughout the year. The Hyatt lobby is beautiful so it's a nice place to exhibit. And, thanks for the award. What fun!