Friday, April 3, 2009

Indian Wells Arts Festival Day One

The setting for the Indian Wells Arts Festival is really pretty. Two hundred artists among the palm tress with mountain views in every direction. Sorry, any of you still stuck in snow, or whatever. The day started out lovely, sunny and a light breeze. There were 65 mph afternoon wind gusts predicted. 1 o'clock came and everything was fine. 1:15 different story. Winds really kicked up. They shut the Festival down early to be safe. Probably only reached 35 mph, but still scary. My side tent wall really blocked the wind, so I was fairly protected. I sold 3 paintings just as we were shutting down. The wind made it difficult to hold the paper down to write the receipts. Luckily, my friend Lorrie stopped by just in time to help me take everything down and stow it for the night. Tomorrow and Sunday are supposed to be beautiful. I'm right across from the stage so get a front row seat for all the great live music. Even had some opera this morning from the local college group that was wonderful. Gonna be a fun weekend.

Don’t forget to vote for my ’57 Chevy in the American Artist watercolor competition. (See March 26th post.) If you like the painting, please go to the link below and vote for me. Voting ends April 15th. Thanks :-}


Edward Burton said...

Sounds really grand, Diane. I hope you sell a lot of your beautiful paintings.

Diane Morgan said...

Thanks Ed. It's such a fun weekend.