Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This is the last day for voting in the American Artist online watermedia competition. Thank you to everyone who voted. I really appreciate it! Looks like I need almost 300 more votes to get to first place. I wanted my niece to ask her friends to vote...she has 900 friends on Facebook (Who has 900 friends ?!? :-} College students, that's who.) However, she is studying this semester in Belgium and is currently traveling in Italy for 10 days without a computer. So, I'm on my own. If you're so inclined here's where to go to vote


Sheila said...

Hmm.... maybe I can create other email personas to vote.... oops did I say that outloud?

Diane Morgan said...

Ha ha! Thanks for your support Sheila. They said they were going to check emails of the winners to make sure people didn't vote twice.
I can't figure out how they are going to even complete this competition. It's supposed to be 100 Hot watermedia artists. Only 47 entered (And, in my opinion, some aren't so hot.) I wrote to them about it, but they never replied.