Saturday, July 4, 2009

July Challenge: I Love Shoes

The challenge this month for my artist group, was to paint unusual shoes. If I were ever able to wear a 4” heel, or think of spending $900 for a pair of shoes it would probably be for Christian Louboutin. (That was before I knew about Mark Schwartz :-} Hi Mark! Since I love shoes, I did a little take off on one of Louboutin’s classics and added some heart shapes. The toe was supposed to be a heart, but seem like it looks a little like a mouth and tongue.


Elizabeth Seaver said...

I love shoes, though not usually ones with such high heels, I have to admit. This one is wonderfully creative and really "speaks" to me! What a fun challenge.

Sheila said...

So lovely! You amaze me with your combined looseness with the background and the precise detail with the stitching. Happy Fourth!