Monday, July 20, 2009

National Watercolor Society accepts my Organized Chaos watercolor

What a thrill to have a watercolor accepted in the NWS show. Something I've dreamed of for a long time. 100 entries out of over 1000 were selected. I'm honored and ecstatic, to say the least. The 89th Annual Exhibition is held at the City of Brea Art Gallery (California) October 10- December 20, 2009


Sheila said...

WOOHOO! [I'm jumping up and down for you and it's not a pretty sight]

I am so happy for you Diane. Wow wow wow. Now go out and celebrate!

Edward Burton said...


Diane Morgan said...

Thanks Sheila and Ed. It's been one of my to check of the list. On to the next! Love the new pic, Mr Burton. Sheila, I'm sure you jumping up and down is gorgeous!