Friday, November 28, 2008

American Art Collector....Advertising Pays

"Where's the Vodka" one of my mini-oil, painting-a-day series was advertised in the June issue of American Art Collector magazine. It sold yesterday to a collector who saw it in the June issue. Advertising really does pay....and so does patience :-} See the current ad in the December issue, and see more of my mini oils on my website


Jayel Aheram said...

Oh yeah! Rick was telling me this. At eight o'clock in the morning, no less! I thought it was kind of cool.

Edward Burton said...

Hi Diane, congratulations on your recent sale! It is a wonderful painting. I have tagged you!

Diane Morgan said...

Thanks Ed. And thank you for the tag. I'm flattered. I'm traveling in S America right now on vacation for two weeks so my follow through on the tagging will have to wait til I have time to research who I want to tag:-}