Monday, November 3, 2008

Awards at Coachella Valley Watercolor Society Show

Sometimes pleasant rewards land at your door when you least expect them. I won first and third place in the Coachella Valley Watercolor Society "Small Image" show. I'm thrilled and honored. There was large membership participation and the quality of work was extremely high..... a small show with a big impact. The unframed paintings for sale in the bins are as nice as the framed pieces and all are incredible bargains. If you're in the Palm Springs area in November it's a show worth seeing at the Coachella Valley Museum & Cultural Center on Miles Ave in Indio. These pieces are available for purchase through my website


Doris Joa said...

Oh Diane, I didn't know this yet.
Congratulations to your awards! How great for you and of course well-deserved. Your work is fantastic.

Diane Morgan said...

Thank you Doris, mutual admiration society :-}