Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Splash 13: Alternative Approaches

This is my watercolor that got accepted into Splash 13..."Raindrops on Roses" 22" x 29." It's currently in the Blossom show at the Naples Museum in Florida. My feeling about what is "alternative" about this is that its closeup aspect verges on the abstract. Stephen Doherty even mentioned that to me at the Blossom reception. Splash sent out the complete list of accepted paintings this afternoon. Out of 115 people ten got two pieces accepted, two got three, and one got four....Thomas Schaller. He's quite the rising star...well, already risen I'd say. My dear friend Jane Freeman is also in the book with her wonderful piece "Monday's Wash."


mollie jones said...

Congrats, Diane. You know how much I've always loved this red "diva" of a painting. First time I saw it I knew it was very special. Can't wait for the book.

Diane Morgan said...

Thanks Miss Mollie!